The School Reopens- Renovated and Reconstructed

13th April, 2020

Today we are starting the Online School- the technology driven venture which we would have initiated after few years. But because of the pandemic, we have taken a leap of good number of years for using technology in the teaching-learning process. A lockdown of 21 days has taken us years ahead. I feel we are on the cusp of a new world, a new era- at a turning point in the world history. The schools which had a backup plan are able to seamlessly shift to online learning. The crisis has taught us that there is a need to think of new solutions which can meet the needs of the future. It took a little time in the beginning but today teachers are all set to enter into a new world of virtual school – the school renovated and reconstructed. It will start with the prayer, teachers will take attendance and begin the online school. The time- table is set with academics as well as activity periods in the day’s routine.

Some parents and even teachers are not yet ready to adapt to the new way of teaching. Parents are working from home, there are no helpers for household chores, some parents being in the medical field are busy fighting against the virus, poor internet connectivity, logistic issues and comfort level of children, there are umpteen concerns. But remember, teachers are also facing the similar issues sitting at home, they too have young children, they also might be facing poor internet connectivity or logistic issues of having one laptop for 2/3 people at home. But they are trying their best to make the lessons interesting and interactive for students. It’s a new journey for teachers as well. Mock sessions, demo lessons, online training, mentoring each other, making presentations and assignments, exploring various methods, trials, strengthening internet connectivity and improvising the capacity of the devises are some of the preparations done by the teachers before entering into the reconstructed online school. The entire education system has been transformed.

Teething problems are always faced in the beginning of any new endeavour which can be resolved in the due course of time. This is how learning happens and innovations occur in this world. I am sure that children are going to love the new way of learning. Let’s embrace the changes happily because it will be difficult for the world to go back to the same routines after experiencing the huge transformations.

Ranjna Jangra

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