Prathamesh Kulkarni

The patrons of our school,
Taught us eternal values,
Values are important tools,
And virtues too.

They were the parents of our school,
Who nurtured it eminently.
They were karmyogis,
And apostles of human ingenuity.

They taught us-
To work as a part of team,
To work across cultures,
To live simply, to think highly.

They taught us-
To be courageous,
To be visionary,
To believe ourselves, to improve continually.

They taught us-
To worship our work,
To be hardworking,
To be a disciplinarian, to be a stickler to time.

They taught us-
To use failure as stepping stone to success,
To be modern without sacrificing traditional values,
To be kind, to be humble.

They taught us-
To lead compassionately,
To be confident,
To be resilient, to be optimistic.

They taught us-
To regard humanity as the supreme religion,
To focus on our goals,
To be responsible, to value all the VALUES.

They live in hearts of all of us,
Continue to inspire us,
We bow down and worship them,
We express our gratitude to them.

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