Devansh Chaumal
9 A

This year I observed that many of my friends, many people older than me, and many more people whom I know; have excellent memory power. And there is nothing in this world that can make them forget the things which they have memorised once. At first, I was fascinated by their memory. But as the time passed, I got a new sense of vision. I observed that those people who had fantastic memory had almost no understanding. Whenever I asked them anything, like why is it so; either they behaved as if they were ignoring me or they acted as if my question made no sense and there was no reason to answer my question. Their such kind of behaviour clearly told me that they never understood what they memorised, which was really very sad and wrong too. For them understanding the concept, getting the meaning of what they are memorising was never important. At the end of the day such people will have only a few definitions which will hardly provide them any practical information or experience. Therefore, the most important thing is to understand concepts, formulas etc. But by saying this I don’t mean definitions are not important as they are the also means to convey our knowledge. Any way if you have an understanding of something you can form your own definitions and can easily convey your knowledge or information. So, to make people understand this system of understanding and memorising, there is a poem by me below.

When I ask why it is so,
People ask me to leave or to go,
I don’t know why people do so.
Is it because they don’t know?
Or, is it because they don’t want me to know?
They make faces like I am troubling them.

They all become normal; I leave when.
I want to make people understand,
Remembering is not everything,
Understanding is the real thing.

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