Covid – 19

Heet S. Karia

We the citizens of the whole world irrespective of continent, country, state, district, are sailing in the same boat and we are constantly trying to come out from a huge wave of coronavirus (covid – 19). But the harder we are trying to come out the denser we are going in. This is a very huge wave spreading every where like a fire. But this is a magical wave, the lesser we put efforts, the faster we come out from the wave. This is not sparing even the successful people, as we know that even the family of hero of multiple generations named Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was tested covid positive few days ago. It is suggested that we all should have at least two medical instruments at our home which are oximeter and thermometer. And keep checking your oxygen level and temperature every day to ensure that you are not infected by covid. Many people in these times consume a lot of medicine in order to keep them safe from coronavirus but some of them fail to be safe. But this fight is not a fight which can be fought by high tech weapon in medical field such as various medicines. This is to be fought with our inner strength i.e. by our immunity. Our immunity needs to be increased for this fight. This can be done when we start exercising on regular basis, consume nutritional diet instead of making junk food such as pizza and all the stuffs at home. The best and the cheapest method to stay safe is inhaling steam twice or thrice a day. This pandamic has started every thing online which was going to be developed in the 22nd century. Don’t think negative. Be positive. Stay home, stay safe.
Thank You.

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