Response Vs. Reaction

Girish Nagpal
Parent of Mishika Nagpal (Sr. KG. – C)

Response Vs. Reaction

It is commonly learned and well-established nature’s law “The Seed we Sow is the Plant we get”. On the same lines our Blooming Buds our Kids are, time and generation are such wherein our kids are super active and smart enough to deal with, wherein we have to think countless number of times the Do’s and Don’ts before our kids. One such aspect is Responding Vs. Reacting. Some of us would think there ain’t any difference between the both but factually there is huge difference between the both it’s like two sides of the same coin. There are always different ways of looking at or dealing with the same situation in which reacting IN a situation or Responding OVER a situation plays a crucial role. Reactions are always Instant & never thought of, whereas Responses are always well thought off and comes from a subtle & peaceful mind. Reactions most of are taken in a negative way whereas Responses are taken positively and with peace. So here comes an important behavioral check which wherein we as parents need to follow towards our kid, in every situation we need to practice the “Stop & Check” approach whether to Respond or React, which is situation and circumstance oriented which is again in our hand whether to make it or spoil it. Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) applies to varied areas which plays an important role in our daily routine and life, one such area for parents is our ‘behavior / attitude’, like 20% of the choice of Reaction or Responses decides the 80% of the its effects i.e. outcome or we can say after effects of those choice of Reaction or Responses in our behavior / attitude. So, in a nutshell we need to make a proper choice under all situation and circumstance which should be more of Response then Reaction which is always in favor and help our Blooming Buds our Kids.

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