Harshita Rajesh Hirwani
8 – D


During my childhood , I used to live in Ulhasnagar. It was a six storeyed building . I , with my family used to live on the second floor. One day , a dog entered our building and it climbed on the second floor where I stayed . As time went by , it visited our building each day and came and sat near my house . Sometimes , we used to provide her with biscuits , but it was a bit moody . It refused to eat the food stuff that we provided . After a long time , we all came to know that it was a SHE DOG and she had settled in our building . Now , it was time for her to give birth to her babies . So , after a long time , she gave birth to babies and nevertheless , she became too aggressive too . We noticed her behavior and sometimes felt very scared . We thought of leaving her to some other place . Finally , some of the members of my building took her to a remote area. But to our surprise , she returned the same building , the same floor again. We all were surprised , confused and scared . I observed one thing about her that she always used to sit on the second floor only , in the same position and in the same place every time. THIS SHOWED ME HER INTELLIGENCE AND MEMORY POWER AND PROVED THAT SOME SPECIES ALSO HAVE A REMARKABLE MEMORY.

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