A Writer’s Soliloquy

Tejashree Sonawane
X – B

A Writer’s Soliloquy

Like every other supposed writer, I have been posed with the question ‘Why do you write?” I find it extremely difficult to answer this vague question. I can never seem to fathom my thoughts. Well, I can always try. Writing has this particular quality that attracts me to it. Writing in human form is a person who is immeasurably charismatic and has something magnetic about it while at the same time, is enigmatic. The mere art of writing fills me with this indescribable zeal which makes me doubt the existence of this universe. When I write, I feel this extreme rush of energy and vigour gushing through my veins. I love the way my heart takes a leap when I finish writing a rigorous poem, when I have penned down all my thoughts on paper. No matter how illegible, how messy it might be, it’s my mess- I made it. This sense of personal belonging is what I strive for. This is what makes writing a powerful and possibly the reason why people love poetry. Often amount of times I have been told that all writers and poets are broken inside. It is this brokenness of ours which sets us apart from venerability other races surviving on this Earth. This brokenness is like a persistent sound which will keep resonating even after the traumatic experience is over. But isn’t this what happens to everything around us? Whatever we write stays in this world forever; now be it in the innocent hearts of children or in the wisdom of the departed. Amidst all this beautiful chaos, we forget to appreciate the fact that every word we write on a piece of paper, we are leaving a legacy behind which will stand the test of inevitable oblivion; even if we turn oblivious ourselves. But the real question is – Will we forget how broken we are? It doesn’t really matter. As Ernest Hemingway once said-‘We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.’

1 thought on “A Writer’s Soliloquy”

  1. Writing is all about 2C’s
    First C is for courage, when you don’t bother what people will think on your piece of writing,
    Second C is for creativity, when you read your own piece of writing again and again and you keep replacing some words by more better words.

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