Honesty Shop

Zoya Mukri

Honesty Shop

Honesty shop is an excellent initiative taken by our school which depicted honesty in today’s generation . The main idea of this shop is to find out can money or our greed takeover our value of honesty? In this shop there was no shopkeeper , just a list was put up which displayed the cost price of each and every material placed on the table like pencils,pens,scale, rubber,etc. The amount did not exceed more than 20 rupees . There was a large pink box placed right next to the materials where the students were expected to put the money inside the box for the material they had purchased . This also helped the students to purchase the material they needed for some urgent project . Along with honesty , this also tested the students ability to resist or overcome their inner feelings to steal . This also taught them to be true to themselves . The idea of the honesty shop was really effective for most of the students . Such ideas inspire and change the world.

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