In a sky full of stars, in a head full of dreams have you ever imagined a World without discipline. Having a life without discipline is just like a pen without ink or a body without soul. Today we live in a world, where is life is our sight then discipline must be its shadow. Discipline regulates human mind and behaviour. It can convert an animal to human or human to an animal. The first thing that person searches for judging you is discipline ,which will create an impression in their mind. It is necessary in one’s life because no matter how much intelligent you are success will touch your feet only when you follow the principles of discipline. From a student to an army officer, from getting admission in school till getting a job, everything that matters is having discipline to become it. Friends all you must do is, concentrate, follow up your mind, respect everyone and pay gratitude to what you have and the aftermath will be success in the end. I would like to conclude that follow discipline like a teachers lesson Wendy Zeppelin would be directly proportional to success.

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