Selwyn Francis

You can’t change the number of hours in a day, but you can fill them more efficiently, with less stress and mental effort. You’ve likely heard this before, and perhaps your past efforts at time management have been, well, a waste of time. But most people’s attempts to increase productivity get derailed by two virtues of modern living: technology and options. Today’s onslaught of tech — smartphones, iPads, search engines, social media — is fragmenting our attention spans, gumming our mental gears with useless facts, and turning us into surface-level thinkers. At the same time, all the communication choices we have today — email, IM (Instant messaging), Skype or Gmail chat — are thwarting efficiency. But we don’t have to give up technology to regain control. “You need to set expectations of yourself and other people,” Here, four ways to manage time.

✓ Finish simple tasks.
✓ Break up complex tasks.
✓ Build willpower.
✓ Limit your choices

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