Aarchi Chetwani

COLOURS Like every day and every person, all colors represent a different emotion. Though every color represents different emotions these emotions might be different for each person, for instance, consider the color Orange for one person it might represent power, motivation, and enthusiasm but on the other hand, it also might represent calmness of sunset with the birds chirping in the sky. Colors are divided into two categories warm colors and cool colors. Colors like Yellow, Red, and Orange are used in fire and go under the warm color category and colors like Green, Blue, and Violet go under the cool color category. The earthy green color represents balance, harmony, love, support for one another, and communication with each other. The bright sunny Yellow represents humor, fun, lightness, intellect, personal power, and logic. The lovely red represents vitality, an increase in physical energy, stamina, stability, and passion. The deep blue indigo represents calmness, love, kindness, honesty, love, truth, inner peace, emotional peace, and depth. The Violet represents meditation, universal art, imagination, and intuition. Now that we know what each color represents we must bring all these colors into our life so that it results in a perfect, spot-on painting.

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