Vinayaka Lalchandani
10 – B

Waking up early, leaving for school,
Made myself a hairstyle to look a bit cool,
Go there and study the whole time,
But not in break and that’s just fine!
Writing tests, submitting notes,
Standing for captaincy and it’s coats,
Today a competition, tomorrow a test,
Then a match, and no time to rest!
Completing homework, forgot a bit,
Finding an excuse for not submitting it,
Teacher is absent, substitution announced,
PT lecture requested, then the football bounced!
Living these memories like they’d last,
But school years go by so fast,
That we never realise that it’s almost farewell,
And now board exams as well!
Though no one wishes to leave,
But our teachers do believe,
That we will move on and grow,
And become successful in every way we know!

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