Divya Thakkar


Education is the basic tool for the development of consciousness and the reconstitution of society. It is a medium to enhance the idea of society. Society of upgradation and self development along with peace and harmony among the individuals. For a better world our first and foremost step is to eliminate the problems or reduce them with the help of government and on organisational basis. In our day to day lives we see many people who are concised in their own shell with only one goal of earning money and accommodating their family on financial terms. But some of them have forgotten the value of education and its influence on each and every aspect of life. Its rightly said, The entire value of society depends on what opportunities it provides for individual development. In 1947 i.e. after British Rule, literacy was of only 12%. In 2001, it has escalated to 64.84% and the latest census of 2011 shows literacy rate of 74.4%. Though it seems like a very great accomplishment but still the stats needs to be proliferated . This clearly exhibits that the dream of India to become a developed country starts right from there where people end up living a rustic livelihood. The perennial inspirations of bucolic areas have undoubtedly safeguarded the culture and traditions of India but now, the time has come to eradicate illiteracy and maintain the balance amongst individuals. Not being educated is just similar of being able to investigate statements and optimise their veracity. Sustainable development and education are linked to each other. Literacy is a key level of change and a practical tool of empowerment on each of the three main pillars of it. A) Economic Development B) Social Development C) Environmental Development Transformation of world for the betterment of individuals is the foundation for achieving improvement. Now, the choice arises with a question.. IS EDUCATION THE ULTIMATE REQUIREMENT OR PERSONAL PREFERENCE??

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