And another end…. 23rd February, 2019


Nidhi S. K.
9 – A

And another end…. 23rd February, 2019. It was a day the whole 9th and 10th grade were looking forward to. It was the day for the farewell. It was another end to memories and friendships. “The glamorous decorations, We put in all our efforts. All for a few moments, And D day was near.” The best part of the work we were doing was that most of us had been given the work we were passionate about. The most difficult part of giving a proper farewell to the 10th graders was that they were a lot more creative than us. So we had to work a lot to let the creativity in us flow to the best level. The committees had to unite for a lot of hours for the grandeur to be displayed on the day of the farewell. The end was well. But….most of us felt kind of bad because they were going. The batch which went was a batch of unity. A batch of friendship. A batch of fun. This time, the end was well but not all was well.

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