Aryan Ahuja
8 – D


What is Life?
It does not mean a television in front.
And a bowl of chocolate in hand,
Which is a little burnt.

It does not mean,
Wearing a tie on the collar.
Wearing a bag on the back,
Or a belt of leather.

It’s not just sitting relaxed,
Under a fast moving fan.
Or watching someone play good,
And become his fan.

Life is a gift of,
God to man.
Live life happily,
As much as you can.

Spend time with your family,
And go out to play.
Enjoy with them,
Every night and day.

Life is like a box of chocolate,
You don’t know which flavour you’ll get.
Live life joyfully,
Don’t capture it with a net.

It is your life,
Not of someone else.
Live it how you like,
Don’t let anyone influence!!!

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