Shashank Shenoy

I QUIT Doesn’t it sound a bit awkward when i say “I Quit” or when you say “I ll Give up ” ???Am I diverting you from the traditional notion of “Never Give Up”??Oh ,but also the trenditional formula for life ???If you feel so then to i will say n persuade people to say to Give up …. .the question arises ….Why ??? Life is the most difficult exam .You never know what is its portion !!!!!But here you should try …..because it is a mandate to all ,then why to give up ?Just as an intelligent candidate in competitive exam will leave a question without answering just because he is totally unaware of its answer in order to avoid negative marking isnt it a good option ?Why wont you try and take a risk then ?As far as i am concerned i shall leave it !!!! Similarly you should learn to quit sometimes in life but not always .The only condition is the SITUATION ,analysis is indeed a deciding factor here and you have to be a great analyst here .’Quitting’ is necessary .Let me tell you how ??? You are in a bad fight with your bestie ,according to the trend ,you will fight to prove yourself right but i will either QUIT because if i value a Relationship, which is not just for friendship but every bond i create,i will try keeping it by just controlling my anger for few seconds and also keeping my ego low …..I got benefitted in many ways …i learned to control my anger …i saved my straining friendship and most importantly i didnt lose my friend . Lets us look on the other side of coin .I am in a bad company in whose conduct i might get fun n joy but it is really negative to side …i will QUIT ,yes,why not ???Believing i will have a better group .. I live a negative life ,yes a -ve life!Cant i quit and have a +ve life instead ??? I am sure here …. You have a moody mind …and you feel very agitated and irritated ….you can “Quit” a moody mind and feel better ……. You have to learn to quit on negative thoughts , negative people and most preciously” The Negative Yourself “.Yes ,it all what is in your head that the world looks !!!!!A jar is filled with water to a part .Most of them will say it is (part) empty but rarely some will say it is (part)filled !!!This -ve thoughts are only to be eliminated by the ” Quit “formula . You should quit your past ,its guilts for a better and brighter future .You should quit self doubt ,societal thinkings etc .You should quit fear of failure and demand for success .Live presently and not for dreams .Quit Hesitation ,Quit Desperation ,Quit Expectation ,Quit devastation . Now your time is up.You have to move further because you have great bright life lined up fm……Happy living.

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