My Nation My India

Rahul Singh

My Nation My India

The nation of unity in diversity,
The nation of golden quadrilateral city.
The nation of 1600 + languages!!
The nation of a large number of sages.
The nation which has festivals from Diwali to Holi;
The nations which has cricketers from Dhoni to Kohli.
The nation having craze for Kabaddi to football….
The nation having growing metros and malls!!
The nation having epics of mythology;
The nation have a connection of education to technology.
The nation with every person having Brotherhood,
The nation with super movies of Bollywood;
The nation which is called Sparrow of gold!!
The nation which has history very much old.
The nation which you can’t travel in 46 years!!
The nation which has animals from Asiatic lion to deers.
The nation of biryani to pav bhaji ,
The nation of Lakshmibai to Shivaji .
The nation of Mahatma Gandhi to Bhagat Singh,
The nation of the territorial queens and kings.
The nation of Ghoomar to Bihu;
The nation of Andaman to Daman and Diu.
The nation which got independence on 15 August 1947 ;
The nation which is famously called as
The nation where women’s wear Saree and Bindiyas….!
It so special because :
It happens only in India…….

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