Aahil Mohammed Ashraf
4 – D

Exam are round the corner because of that I am having fever. I prefer the usual fever I get because it can be healed by medicines but this exam fever has no medicine. The only medicine is end of the exam. I wish the exam could be taken orally without any writing. Then I would be having no exam fever. Due to exams these weekend outings are also cancelled . My mother is shopping for summer holidays now only so that she can teach me during April. It might be same in all houses. Every child is worried and suffering from exam fever now. My fever will be high on SST exam. My fever will be low on maths exam. My favorite cartoon channels are also asking for pin witch my mother says will automatically open on the last day of my exams. Exam fever is fast spreading. I wish it heals soon.

1 thought on “EXAM FEVER”

  1. Don’t worry about the exams. It is not the exams , it is the expectations that one fears of not meeting..just enjoy the process of learning new things, new concepts.
    very well written Aahil .Keep it up .The pin getting unlocked automatically on the last day of the exam is hilarious

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