Zoya Mukri

My experience in this school is amazing . I studied in another school till 6th standard. To change my syllabus I had to change my school. Here the first day of my school, I was very nervous, I was worried about my studies,making new friends and many thoughts were arising in my mind. It was the same for some days. Then after a week or so,I felt better. I thought that CBSE school subject teachers may be very strict.But I was wrong! My subject teachers are very free to speak,They are very kind and have an excellent nature and are down to earth. They not only teach us our chapters or whatever is in the portion , But they also tell us about their personal experiences which is related to some chapter or the memories of their childhood, which relaxes our mind and makes the period more interesting. They encourage every child and do bring out the best in them. Not only the subject teachers but also our other teachers like dance, singing,yoga, art and craft , martial arts and p.e are also perfect and cheer us. And speaking of friends, they are also very nice to me . Whenever I need some help they are ready , Nobody will ever refuse. I never feel alone and lonely in this school. There is a kind of healthy relationship between all of us. We are always like a big family

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