Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 – B

17 years of my existence on Earth and I still wonder what tangible had I done more than a realization that I become less in all aspects, each time I learn something new and I could phrase in no way how ecstatic I feel more than feeling little about it for I easily surmise how much is there to learn and assimilate in ourselves more than conceiving what we don’t know. There are always some things which come straight from the heart more than they being manipulated, for every surviving person is a human and does has a heart. At some points in our lives, we fail but after that, we tend to effectuate that things are like ‘Mausam ke Badal’ (mind my bad English, I had no other words to say) and they do influence our lives in ways such that it becomes a trap for us and until we discern we are into it, we are actually ravaged by it. What I intuitively want to say is- WE NEED SELF CONTROL ON OURSELVES. We need to surmise the fact that our emotions shouldn’t master our actions and consequently, our actions shouldn’t be commanding us. Things we like are an inducement to us and we should not be led by it for prehistoric humans had had withstood earlier without worldly lures and lusts and we can’t simply because we are already gone with the flow. Some things are not taught- they are instead acquired with age and failures. Textbooks do teach us many things but then there are things which impediments over things which are not settled teach us and I cannot equitably estimate the amount. Once when I was cycling, I had a disastrous fall, flat on my face and my control over my handlebars was succumbed and the portion of my cycle above the head tube disintegrated, undividedly. It was a scattered into parts and the reader cannot profoundly estimate my pain, seeing it in that contingency. When I took it for repair, the ‘bhaijaan’ said that the ball bearings inside the adjusting barrel had dwindled-off and that had caused the disintegration. Believe me, I felt inadequate in myself because we (at that time, ‘I’ ) reason of people as mediocre to us, presuming that literacy is the principal determinant of assessing one’s measure of propensity and understanding more than their effectiveness in administering their profession. People have their own reasons behind things which happen in their lives and people like bhaijaan, who seem to have literally no knowledge of how stuffs work, but nevertheless, is the ablest at what he does, and we students who essentially know nothing, gloat of skills, which they actually own none. Everyone is his level best at things which he does by heart and more productive at those which he does without installing in any efforts for inventions result, unexpectedly (do mind out why had I said inventions and not discoveries). Of things concerning brother, yes, he has BOTHERED me a LOT, but accept me, he’s so immeasurable at heart (more than how much I had scolded him), for each time he grounded in trouble, no matter how big or small, he used to come to me-first- weeping and smashed in grief and tears (earlier, not now) remembering well that the world may conspire against him, but, his sister will always endure by his side and I know well that I need to be my best at holding and impersonating my role as a sister more than attempting to burn him in the flames of my anger, simply, by scolding him. Sometimes, we need to be more of a human than being overly judgemental in what we do, primarily in things which affect others. Sometimes, rules should be kept aside, otherwise, Antonio’s flesh had to be sacrificed. (Ref: The pound of flesh which I demand of him Is deerely bought, ’tis mine, and I will haue it.) WE NEED MORE PORTIAS THAN SHYLOCKS ! Now, For me, satisfaction is when I see faces of small children, lighted with pleasure, overflowing the brim of all confinements and anxieties. The most beautiful creations are they and I have got a reason to pleasure myself – be there baits to deceive me or my own solicitudes imprisoning me, it doesn’t sway me, even to the least, for, I have already CONQUERED them long back. So , ALWAYS be – ‘STRONG’ ! PADMAJA. V CHAVAN

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