Paan Shots Recipe | Mouth Freshener | Party Desert Paan Shots

JR. KG – A

Here’s a recipe that combines the desert and after meal paan into one exciting glassful shot ! It is served as mouth freshener also. The paan shot is a mouth-watering combination of paan and rose gulkand with spices and ice cream, which melts in your mouth and tickles your taste buds. Every sip of this aromatic drink will send a lovely tingle down your spine. Preparation Time : 5 minutes Cooking Time : Nil Makes. : 8 Shots Ingredients: 4 Kolkata betel leaves (paan), torn into pieces 1 tsp fennel seeds (saunf) 2 tsp dessicated coconut 4 tsp rose gulkand 2 cloves 2 cardamom 1 cup vanila ice cream 3 cubes ice Milk / Water and sugar (to blend) Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a mixer and blend till smooth after this pour equal quantities in 8 shot glasses and serve Chilled….

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