Anushka Vasaikar

“You’re so good at English. Then why did you opt for science?” My curiosity wobbed up. “To earn money, of course. Don’t you see written tarry hooting about without jobs or income?”

I wondered …… has our system restricted Science upto, only earning money? Has Science lost its essence in the mist of Sherrod materialism and pathetic mindset of people, thinking Science as a tool just for procuring employment…

How many of those who choose Science really think that was in Science, why Science…… Many of us consider Science as a subject pertaining to facts, laws and so called adjure and abominable equations. But infact, Science was never about facts.

Science is a beauty which wants itself to be explored. It needs itself to be explored and exploited to its roots. Science is not only a subject, it is a larger than life cause and consequence. ‘Science is the emotion of nature’. It is a feeling that arises from the human soul and takes wondrous forms on paper.

Actually, Science is not restricted to these bites pf paper, be it money or textbooks or whatsoever. Science is what we see, it is what we feel, it is what we are, why we are…… The root of which is eventually explained by Science.

But due to the miserable mentality of using Science as employment tool, other fields too are affected. Have you ever wondered why there are news of collapsing bridges and buildings, surgical errors? This is because children are forced to take Science. They do not get to explore new dimensions of life. They are indulged in a that race of cheer drudgery where they fail to understand the real motto of Science.

There is no dearth of talent and manpower. But the fire that lurks within each and every one of us is put out instead of kindling it. There is no way where we can judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. When we look at the world, beyond money, we see that the world is beautiful. Everything in it has a purpose, has a reason to exist. No one is a ‘good for nothing’.


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