Proud to be an indian

Shashank Shenoy

‘Proud to be an indian’ India is celebrating its 71st independence day on 15 August 2017.India is still united ,democratic and not under any pressure or fear of slavery or dictatorship.India is country of diversity,diversity in religion ,diversity in languages ,diversity in food and clothing.Now each and every indian citizen is free of oppression,fear and lives an happy independent life.This 70 years of independent india was not a period of simple independent life for indians and its government instead was a period of tireless striving ,a period of development in each and every sector .Retaining its values,ideals and democracy along with being developing is not a easy task .India ‘s aspiration to become a superpower still exist ,though it had years of downfall,depression ,famine etc.It is not only the efforts of the government but also of each and every Indian . Lets go back to the history of india’s freedom struggle .Mangal pandey was the first indian to revolt against the british ,being a sepoy in the british indian army .Most of the people do not fight for freedom from their masters because they feel that if they are removed from the job,how will they live ?Mangal Pandey would have had continued to be quiet and other freedom revolutionaries too,but they fought for the country’s independence and so we are living a independent life .I will not forget all other freedom fighters like Mahatma gandhi ,Sarojini naidu ,Bhagat Singh ..I would also thank all the ordinary people at that time who fought for independence from the British Raj. When someone asks, me from meich country do you belong to ? I proudly say I am proud to be an Indian. We are so lucky that our forefathers have given us a land of peace where we can sleep whole night without fear and enjoy whole day in our school or home. Our country is developing very fast in the field of technology, education, sports, finance and various other fields which were almost impossible before freedom. India is one of the countries rich in nuclear power. We are going ahead by actively participating in the sports like Olympics, Commonwealth games and Asian games. We have full rights to chose our government and enjoy largest democracy in the world. Yes, we are free and have complete freedom however we should not understand ourselves free of responsibilities towards our country. As being responsible citizens of the country, we should be always ready to handle any emergency condition in our country. India is a republic of 29 states and 7 union territories with varied culture,climate,language ,food etc. UNITY IN DIVERSITY reflects the values of india being diversed. But still united. It is glorious day celebrated throughout the country equally .It is the day of national pride ,patriotism and saluting the heroes and the National Flag ‘ TIRANGA .The day is celebrated in national capital with great joy.The prime minister of india hoists the National Flag on the historic red fort and a glorious speech is delivered by the prime minister.The national anthem is sang.The day is also celebrated in government offices ,colleges ,schools and even in residential areas.Competitions are also held and prizes awarded.It is a matter of regret that we indians have forgotten the spirit of this glorious day.But we must vow to safeguard the independence of our country.At last ,Wish you all a Happy Independence Day . Jai Hind

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