A Day at the Park

Ananya Yadav

Last summer, I visited a park. As we reached the park, we realised, our car had no place to be parked. The parking was full. Somehow, we managed, and entered the lovely park.

It was an exquisite park. It had trees, shrubs, cats, dogs, children, families and so many birds.

Unfortunately, one of the dogs started barking. I was shocked and out of fear ran behind the bark of the closest tree and hid.

There were also a bunch of hares in the garden. They were soft and fluffy like balls of cotton. I caught one and stroked his velvety smooth hair.

Finally, leaned back by the tree and removed my red book. I had a plan. To read that book for the whole day. But I read not a single page as the games and frolic kept me occupied.

Around dusk we returned home. We were exhausted. But we had so many memories to share. Memories worth a lifetime.


As a part of Creative Writing Club (Homophones and Homonyms activity)

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