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Simple enough to understand, I must presume. One is, well it is. one. There is not another way to put it, in terms that relate to a general understanding. Most of us would associate one with its numeric value, being the same as two or three or forty-two. But that isn’t it; One is different, one is one of a kind. Of course, maths students would be arguing with this post at this moment- probably critiquing the poor choice of words in this post. And for those who wish: One is the first number of the series of natural numbers which is neither prime nor composite and reflects itself when raised to any power.Well, that should suffice. But let’s leave the maths behind for this post, shall we? When one thinks of one, one realises that one plays a crucial role in our lives, which is one role that is irreplaceable- as anyone could clearly see. Tell me if you got that one! Jokes apart, looking at this point, it comes to mind that what would have been the scenario had one not been there. Quite frankly, I am unable to put forth any ideas in this regard. Perhaps that is because one is like truth. It is. Unquestioningly. Asking if what would happen if there was no one, is the same as asking, what if Nazi Germany had won the Second World War, or what if the British never left India? See where I’m going with this? One is an imperative word. Just as indelible from this world as is the fact that we are here on this planet. We could endlessly and aimlessly put forward theories of mass destruction and death, or scenarios where the humans never evolved and the earth is ruled over by reptiles, but that won’t affect the truth- not one bit. One deals with all sorts of technicalities, and those who dismiss one as nothing might as well be saying goodbye to their electronic devices. Here is one part where the truth of one comes about. As binary. A string of code with one’s and zero’s making perfect sense for a computer techie and a pure math wizard, and might even seem beautiful. To say the truth, binary is one of the only languages that is presumed to be universally understandable, should we ever make contact with aliens, that is. One relates a lot to religion, in ways that many may understand. I feel my elaboration on the topic would be like an effort to define the undefinable. One calls for oneness, of thought, action and consequence. Such purity is held within it that the fact itself is enriching to the mind. One is it. One is everything. And that is all that need be said.

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  1. I must say that I really enjoyed the wordplay with ‘one’. You literally used ‘one’ with almost all literary devices that we understand in English language.

    Though I do agree about the importance of one but I beg to differ on the ‘individualistic’ emotion it evokes in a rather diverse world cutting across communities who are united by understanding rather than synonymous beliefs. In many ways, your post reminds me of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who himself valued individualism and the power of one. His book ‘The Antichrist’ is a good read to understand why he opposed religion for destroying the importance of ‘one’. One of the interesting things that I thought of while reading your post is how ‘one’ and ‘oneness’ arise from the same root but mean very different things.

    I personally feel that oneness should be valued more than one. It is important that we have strong individual identities which is accommodative of differing values and more importantly, seeing the happenings today, dissent. After all, the natural integration to be ‘one’ is more important than a forcefully stitched fabric which may or may not last in the future.

    Overall, thank you for highlighting this. This topic can dive into deeper conversations and teach us a lot about philosophy of life and society which we hardly think about as it is unfortunately, beyond the scope of our curriculum.

    Well-written. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you for your feedback on my post!
      I did feel that it couldn’t quite cover all that I wanted to put forward, but it was a step in that direction.
      One and Oneness have so many meanings and interpretations that they would provide a suitable topic for future discussions.
      Thank you for the points that you provided, I will surely try to implement them as much as I can.

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