Visit To Science Express

Shahuli N. Taksande

On Saturday, I visited the Science Express Train at Mumbai CST. As it was the last day and Saturday, there was a lot of crowd.School students, teachers, parents with their small kids, about 2.42 lakhs of people had come in four days and 1.24 lakhs people came on Saturday. The train contained about 15 to 17 coaches of interesting arts. There were …(Read More)

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Anusha Vasaikar

“You’re so good at English. Then why did opt for Science?”, my curiosity wobbled up. “To earn money, of course! Don’t you see writers tarryhooting around without jobs or income?” she replied in her usual arrogant way. I wondered, has our educational system restricted Science only for earning money? Has Science lost its essence in the mist of sheer materialism and pathetic mindset of people, thinking Science as a tool for procuring employment? How many of those who choose Science really …(Read More)

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Yash Kamath
12 A

People frequently ask me and my friends and well co-students, what field have they taken in science. The most frequent of them being- Engineering or medical? Which one did you choose? What do you plan to do? Why didn’t you take this field? Or this one? You have more scope in that one? Oh, my uncle’s son is doing this, why don’t you try it? Oh, this is trending do try it? All of them valid questions I suppose, out of concern and experience. But that’s not what I am here to talk about today. I wish to talk about the reason why science is beautiful and logical. The most common aspect that I would like to …(Read More)

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12 B

It happened earlier
Well before I started understanding
Well before I knew the definition of confession I went ahead along the way
The way that took me along with it
It never did stop
Nor did I ever thought it would It never did.
I went into it-deep…(Read More)

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Yash Kamath Blog

Yash Kamath
12 A

Simple enough to understand, I must presume. One is, well it is. one. There is not another way to put it, in terms that relate to a general understanding. Most of us would associate one with its numeric value, being the same as two or three or forty-two. But that isn’t it; One is different, one is one of a kind. Of course, maths students would be arguing with this post at this moment- probably critiquing the poor …(Read More)

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Atharva Nagthane

NASA… One of the largest and busiest space center situated in United States of America.
Hello I am Atharva Nagthane from class VIII B and I am also one of the fortunate students to get a chance to visit NASA and explore many more of USA. Our schedule of the NASA Tour was of 12 days and 11 nights where we covered a large part of East coast and West cost of USA. We travelled around five major cities- New York, Orlando,Las Vegas,Los Angeles and San Francisco. We also experienced…the beauty of Grand Canyon. We also enjoyed at Disney world,Orlando ,Universal studios,Los Angeles ,Famous …(Read More)

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Girl Love Challenge

Tejashree Sonawane

Hello everyone. Its Tejashree here. During the last few days I have been thinking about something. I felt that it was worthy of spreading the idea. The idea that was wandering in my mind was the Girl Love Challenge. I bet that many of you might not be aware of this and I understand because I know that not everyone decides to fiddle about on the internet …(Read More)

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Soccer, Cobbling and Society

Trishit Banerjee

Soccer, Cobbling and Society: A Lesson in Vocation Ryuji Sueoka was not a name that I heard of until I picked up yesterday’s Times of India. On the last page he could be seen smiling for all the right reasons.Yet, I found something very interesting that led me to a day-long research on some of the lesser reported issues and policies in the dailies. Ryuji Sueoka went to a cobbling school after he returned to Japan. How often do we …(Read More)

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Gandhari-The Birding Paradise of Kalyan

Ashish Khadakban
Science teacher

What are your plans for mornings on holidays????  Sleeping till 9am, reading newspaper…….  I have some better plans for you which will take you little a bit more closer towards nature.  Most of Kalyan’s residents would be aware of a place called “GANDHARI RIVER”. Gandhari is the area located ahead of Agarwal College. Ahead of Gandhari bridge there is a forest area which is a dwelling place to most of the birds and reptiles. Yes you read correctly….. Birds and Reptiles!!!!!! Now can you make a list of how many different species of birds and reptiles you see commonly in your day to day life??? 6…8…10…. Or max to max 15!!!! 
You will be amazed to know that more than 70-80 species of birds and 15-20 species of reptiles (which includes snakes, lizard and scorpions) dwell in Gandhari area. (Read More)

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Finding your role model

Trishit Banerjee
May 18, 2017 Japan

It is important for each one of us to understand that not all heroes wear a cape. There is hardly any possibility of seeing your Prince Charming riding a white horse and jump out of a Disney Princess movie or meeting the perfect person in your lifetime. All of this are merely goals of human dream and ambition. It sounds too good to believe that any of the above would ever come true. And just like Ying and Yang, there is no absolute black or white. It took me 19 years to realise everything that I wrote until now. “Dr. Kiran Bedi should be someone who you should aspire to be. She broke down the walls of challenges in our society and etched her …(Read More)

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