Roses in Concrete

Tejashree Sonawane
IX – B

I am trapped
I am a prisoner in the void
A void that was once mine
Now someone else’s

It controls me
Makes me do things I don’t want to
My fingernails are lilies with blood
My body carved with an axe
The river reaching the sea
Eyes pitch dark with solitude
My feet plastered to the ground

I was on a road to nowhere
Unaware of the driver
The unfriendly breath on my shoulder
Hands that weren’t mine lurked over my body
I was drowning in an empty pond
Thorns were the only things that met my eye
My thoughts were lighted candles no breath could blow

Every day was battle between me
and the squeaky little voice in the back of my head
It prevailed every day
And I was thrown all the way down

I was dragged by hands unknown to me
their eyes gleaming with hunger and starvation
hands ready with a shiny knife to clean my insides
like a finger brushing a table eating dust

I shut down I was robbed
The voice proliferated
I was a stranger within myself
I wanted to crawl up
To the small unexplored Corners of the room
Where I would be robbed
I had left my body
My soul – the treat

Sitting in the corner
A phosphorescent streak came by
Blinding me with its lustre and shine
I blinked twice
And I know I was wise
To follow the light.

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Amrit Jangra
9 – A

A 1000 kilo stone skulked above my head
I could see hands
crawling up through the floor,
Towards me.
There were green eyed monsters,
looking straight into my eyes,
as if I were filthy and,
Not nice.
Life, it drained out of me,
Like a prisoner, craving to flee.
A shadow lurks to where I go,
trailing me, inflicting doubt
On the path ahead
to the great unknown.
It grows bigger
and my feet plant themselves
In resonance.
Soon I will become it’s slave
heeding it’s words as truth,
Defying my mind a clear verdict,
Only to bring me nearer to the shadow,
and cower in it’s safety.

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Yash Kamath
12 – A

Its 2018 now and I wish a Happy New Year to everyone reading this. To those who are unaware, it has been close to a hundred years since the origin of ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ but today, it seems to be otherwise. Multiple dimensions may emerge of this issue, but none more clearer than this question. Was the cat wrongly curious? Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it certainly did not dampen its spirit of interest and introspection. But certainly… No wait. What’s that word up there; Certainly. To be certain. Certainty, just like solubility, or conductivity, or something like that? I assume you can view it from multiple perspectives of language, science, and maybe… no, that’s it. I’m not sure any further. Let’s suffice it at that. But what I just did. That’s uncertainty. Just uncertainty. And that’s like a gift of God for us humans. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, nor do we know what we might do next. We might have a picture in our minds, but that’s not how we do it exactly. In short, life is not picture perfect. The gift of uncertainty has enabled Einsteins, Newtons and Powers to rise out of bleak darkness and achieve immortality through their equations and laws and countless other phenomena. Newton, it seems to me, as his name in almost all branches of science, and some in religion as well. Uncertainty and doubt are the driving forces of humanity’s desire to be better. To say certainty killed the cat would not be incorrect…

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New Year’s Oath

Kritika Jha

My New Year’s Oath.. Every year we come up with different ideas to develop and rectify ourselves.People have thought of it as a way to show themselves different and better from others. But what does it actually mean?? This year even I have planned for something that even I will follow. And actually this time I am very solemn and serious.I have many thoughts in my mind at this moment but am actually very confused to decide , which one to follow. It took a lot of time , but at last I have come upon a decision. I thought that if not now then after some years when I would be capable of doing that what I want to do, I would surely do it.In our country we have so many children who are extremely poor and do not get a chance to showcase their talent.Why is it so?? It shows lack of opportunities which need to be given to all.But, what can I do in this situation? I feel that it is not just the duty of the government but also of the citizens to ensure that justice , equality and opportunity is provided equally to all and this is my new year’s oath…

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Few months ago in a discussion with students few points came up which they want their parents to start with and few to stop.

Neha Tiwari

Age group of students: 9 to 13 years.

Things I want my parents to stop doing:

—Stop comparing my life with your childhood. Things were really different back then, so stop comparing.

—Stop using these words and phrases: use your brain, are you deaf? Can’t you see? Useless, careless, good for nothing….etc….

–stop showing off my skills. I don’t want to dance in front of your friends. I don’t like to do that. Why do you force me to sing/ dance or show my art work to our relatives or friends?

—Can you speak softly? I’m tired to hear you shout, every day, every single moment.

Things I want my parents to start doing:

—Smile, please… I don’t remember when was the last time my mom smiled. She usually carries a frown on her face. That look irritates me.

—Appreciate. I know I’m not good at all things, but many things only I can do, no one else can. So a little bit appreciation is good na….

—Hug me, I see how my mom hugs my 5 year old sister, but when I run to hug her…she immediately says, “Later, first do you work” huh!

—Play with me. I love to play with my friends, but playing with mom dad is fun! If only they had time to play….

—Tell me a story. I’d love to listen to their childhood tales, especially about their mistakes, failures and mischief. But my parents always keep telling about all their achievements. It makes me scared. What if I can’t achieve success the way they achieved….?

—Keep that Social Media aside. Talk to me mom & dad.

—Can I sleep in your bedroom at least once a month? I love cuddling you guys. So parents, wondering what to gift your child this holiday season, here’s your list. Be present for your children and make parenting engaging and fulfilling.

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P.V. Sindhu visit to school

Kritika Jha

Excitement On 20th December, P.V. Sindhu is going to visit the school. All of us would be very happy as we are going to meet the badminton legend , and a youth icon. She will not only come and enlighten  the sports prize distribution event ,but will also tell us some notions about living a good life. I am very excited to meet her ,and so I’ve Chosen EXCITEMENT’as the title.For this I really want to thank my school and Century Rayon. Meeting her is like a dream come true… ??????? Thank You Je vous remercie

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Parents ,Teachers and all Grown ups are….strict -rigid?

Mrs Swetha Pai- Counselor

Parents ,Teachers and all Grown ups are….strict -rigid? Someday my 21st century children -students you will understand the logic behind US being the way we are because we care enough where you go,with whom and be silent when it was needed. I say this because I am this way. I do give my kids the silent treatment and I am strict not with my method of conveying my teachings but principles…. My kids here could vouch for it. I have done it and it has worked wonders. All I want to say is parents aren’t perfect, but they face difficult battles when it comes to saying NO to you, they too feel sad when you don’t attain your dreams. They too want you to prove them wrong. Take note this logic you will understand when you sit down and empathize and see through their eyes…

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Paan Shots Recipe | Mouth Freshener | Party Desert Paan Shots

JR. KG – A

Here’s a recipe that combines the desert and after meal paan into one exciting glassful shot ! It is served as mouth freshener also. The paan shot is a mouth-watering combination of paan and rose gulkand with spices and ice cream, which melts in your mouth and tickles your taste buds. Every sip of this aromatic drink will send a lovely tingle down your spine. Preparation Time : 5 minutes Cooking Time : Nil Makes. : 8 Shots Ingredients: 4 Kolkata betel leaves (paan), torn into pieces 1 tsp fennel seeds (saunf) 2 tsp dessicated coconut 4 tsp rose gulkand 2 cloves 2 cardamom 1 cup vanila ice cream 3 cubes ice Milk / Water and sugar (to blend) Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a mixer and blend till smooth after this pour equal quantities in 8 shot glasses and serve Chilled….

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Healthy Diwali Snack!

Dr.Pushpanjali Badole,
Mother of Advay Badole, Nursery – D

Diwali has always brought with it happiness be it through the beauty of lights or the delight of meeting your loved ones or the sweet linger of delicacies. The various cuisines with their aromas, the mouth watering flavors, the joy of sharing the relish is what we savour since childhood. Nowadays people don’t have time to make numerous food items at home like earlier. Moreover with our sedentary lifestyle we tend to avoid fried foods and all purpose flour (maida). Hence these lovely old recipes are somewhere getting lost in time. But with innovative technology of easy baking with microwave ovens and airfryers and slight healthy modifications, I want you all to revisit the golden days with my simple bonne bouche!

Airfryer shankarpare (biscuits) recipe

INGREDIENTS(1 cup = 250 ml)
1.5 cups aatta (wheat flour)
½ cup rava (sooji or semolina)
½ cup regular sugar or organic unrefined cane sugar or as required
1 pinch salt
3 to 3.5 tablespoon milk or as required
3 tablespoon ghee (as mohan)

Kneading dough for shankarpare:

1.Powder the sugar in a dry grinder and keep aside.
2.First sieve the flour with salt.
3.Then sieve the powdered sugar.
4.Melt the ghee till hot
5.Add the melted hot ghee to the flour-semolina-sugar mixture.
6.Nicely mix the fat into the flour mixture and make a breadcrumb like consistency. when gathered together, the whole mixture should be able to hold itself together. You can also add dry fruits in powdered form or cardomom powder for added nutrition and flavour.
7.Warm the milk.
8.Then add each tbsp of the warm milk in intervals and knead to a firm tight dough.
if the dough looks dry, then add 1/2 or 1 tsp milk and knead.
9.Keep aside covered for 20-30 mins.
10.Divide the dough into two parts and roll each part into a circle of about 6-7 inches in diameter.
11.With a knife or pizza cutter, make diamond shapes from the dough. discard the edges and join them together with the other piece of dough. I here modified the shape into half moon with the help of bottle cap.
12.Preheat the airfryer on 180°C for 3 minutes and bake the pare/biscuits  for 10-12 minutes or until crisp brown.
13. Let them cool and serve these totally healthy (as made from whole wheat flour and oil free, non fried) nibbles which definitely children will enjoy!

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My dear children

Mrs Swetha Pai

My dear children you are so caught up in life and forget to enjoy the small things in life.Take stress for the wrong reasons and take dramatic steps to solve it. My suggestion is all other factors in life will work out if your mental health is in check. I’m going to give you basic indicators to watch out for if your mental health is not balanced. Then you should seek help.
1.) Your concentration is not proper in class or during normal daily routines. 2.) Irritability and mood swings and out bursts with close ones and authorities.
3.) Feelings of sadness and hopelessness and worthless
4.) Social withdrawal-keeping away from friends,family and relatives.
5.)Change in sleep cycle and eating habits.
6.) Thoughts that there is no solution and want to take major steps. Please remember these are some of the basic indicators but always be free to talk about your emotions. Keep the channel of communication open. There is a need to acknowledge emotional well being is crucial for development and survival.

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