Nitika Khemani
10 – B

Life is a roller coaster ride, at some point you fall,at some stage you get scared, at some stage you feel the pinch of death but that one moment of touching the sky, that one phase of satisfaction gives you the immense pleasure. If you screamed at the drop and took a peace breath at top the rear of discontent wish would never cross your cheek.

While climbing up the ladder from dust,we dream of gold; we want it so greedily that on reaching top when we attain a silver,we get crushed. Not by anyone or anything but by our expectations. Our desperate wants blind fold us not letting us see the reward of silver from dust Don’t work hard to get what you want, work hard to turn your kind fairytales a reality. JUST GO WITH THE FLOW, EVERYTHING IS PLANNED..

Even the wildest of birds at some stage of life desires to sit quietly, maybe it’s necessary to do so: to realize and analyze your flaws; to have the best flight of your version the next day.


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  1. Very well said!
    The comparison with life and the roller coaster ride is very clever.
    Loved the passage. Has a huge message for all of us. 🙂

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