I saw him coming with the smile stunning
He was flowing as fast as he could to touch my banks from where he stood
He grew larger and larger as he approached me
Because of the hunger that had approached him
Being a fool there I stood Breathlessly waiting for him
Not realising the depth of his hood
He came with his splashing words which soothed my soul with baby hugs
And I stood there listening to him
He named his baby hugs as his love
I stood there getting submerged by his love
He caught me by my hand Dragged me with the winds
And kept splashing his words
Damping me with his love
His arms emerged Darkness fell swiftly
And I got covered with the hunger of his love
He kept hugging and kissing me
As I stood there,solitary
I got overwhelmed by his love
His hunger increased day by day
And he asked me to be there every minute of the day
He came again I welcomed him with my lovely smile
He stretched his arms And I told him today it was not right
But then I could see the clouds of anger had encircled him
He told me it was right each and every time
And the words which always soothed me
Turned into a tumultuous noise
I wanted to scream But my roots were broken
I wanted to be seen But my nerves were taken
I was drowned by the power of his wave’s , his arms , his hugs and the thing which he named as his love

6 thoughts on “A WAVE’S HUNGER”

  1. This is an extremely powerful poem! It is by far my favourite piece on the blog 🙂 The subtelty of waves in a blend with human rage and personification of the same is very effective. Since you are in Grade IX, this poem somehow reminded me of ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter’. Yet, the depth of this poem surpasses it in many ways just because of the stunning imagery you have used.

    Keep it up Srishti! Would love to read more and more.

  2. The poem is as good as written by a mature adult,it doesn’t seem it is written by a Ninth grader.The depth of the poem is more than the words.Truly,I am speechless.Keep it up Srishti !

  3. The poem is absolutely amazing.
    It’s truly a piece of art. You have expressed the waves using varied human emotion and it is so powerful that I’m sure that it will inspire many.
    The comparison with the change in human nature is fantastic too 🙂

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