Unpopular Opinion

Bhagyashree Jagiasi

Unpopular opinion: Self-awareness is overrated This generation is possibly the most self aware amongst all the generations. And as we know, the easy and constant exposure to the internet highlights the importance of being self – aware and “knowing ourselves”. And,well, being self-aware isn’t a bad thing in itself, it sure can be a huge task to get things done if we are stopped by someone who is supposedly supposed to help us! That’s right, I’m talking about ourselves, our awareness of ourselves proves to be extremely useful in some situations and useless (probably not completely) in others. Being self- aware and “knowing yourself” is the internet’s new hot topic. The Internet’s full of articles on how to “know yourself” how to become more self aware and stuff but when did not knowing yourself become a problem? Now, I’m certainly not trying to imply that being self aware is a bad thing in itself, but too much of it is just as harmful as not being self aware. Being self aware is double-edged. In an attempt to make ourselves better people, we constantly criticize ourselves and in turn get nothing done. If we are too self-aware, as students, we get NOTHING done because we live in constant fear of disappointing ourselves and those around us. At times, we should just do things. For instance there’s this amazing opportunity of taking part in a speaking competition, why should we not take part in it because of the fear of failing or messing up? Being too self aware makes us miss out on even bigger opportunities. Self- awareness is one of the important aspects of self-help. True self help isn’t done in order to become something instead to connect with reality as it is.

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