Realities Of The World

Rashi Punjabi

Realities Of The World

Discrimination. This world itself can ruin a person’s  life.

Why are some people treated like kings and queens but others are expected to be their slaves ?

 We do live in a democracy but our minds are  still in monarchy .
Whether we agree or not we all help in this discrimination.

Who are these people to judge us by our race,colour,gender or caste. They expect us to tolerate everything but if we do react, we are sensitive?

Racism and discrimination can spoil lives without violence its like a slow poison it is so quite and subtle . Everyone including the government promotes Racism.
Why do all these government forms need to know the caste of people?
If a person goes to buy a house just because of race or caste they are not allowed?

Why is this happening? Aren’t we all equal don’t we deserve equal treatment?The bitter truth is its not our differences that divide us its our inability to reconginise , accept and celebrate those differences

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