A thought over ‘STRESS’ (Might help all parents)

Girish Nagpal
Parent of Mishika Nagpal (Sr. KG – C)

A thought over ‘STRESS’ (Might help all parents)

“Balanced Thoughtful Life For Stress Free Living.” Stress, these days is an integral part of our young parents, it’s simply said if u don’t have stress, you ain’t normal. It’s very casually thought that stress can’t be avoided. But we never think that what exactly stress is and where it comes from and what harm it causes to us. Answer to it is “Stress lies within” people and external factors are no one to control us, we are the master of our own thoughts, but we never make an effort to even think over it. It’s WE who need to control our thoughts to make a happy living. Same way it’s “Happiness which lies within” we can’t expect happiness from external sources, it’s always within. To have a stress free living, we need to balance each and every aspect of our life. These days are such to buy peace people do whatever is possible and to any extent, but as a layman which we miss out that also “Peace lies within”. With few modification and change in our way of thinking we can do wonders with our life. We just need to shift our thinking and attitude towards complete positivity and always need to be optimist. Once we could do this, for simple and stress free living, we just need to balance our thoughts with every aspect of our life be it our work, family, friends etc. We should find positivity in every situation and should always keep one thing in mind it’s Situation and Circumstances and not the people who are to be managed accordingly. Worth of have a thought. “Make a Happy and Stress Free Living.”

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