STD X (2007)

FEBRUARY and MARCH…. These two months will always remind you about the school memories. Isn’t it???? You will always get notifications on facebook about the memories of our school. Mischievous things you did in the school, apologized for the same, dramas, acting, singing, favourite among all PT periods and loads of studies and finally the farewell party…. When the time comes to say emotional good bye to our school and to the beloved school teachers. Literally emotional good bye.
So here is a small message to all my teachers…
It is only due to my teachers and my parents; today I am leading a successful, blessed and wonderful life. It is the School and the teachers of Birla School who have given the perfect identity to me. You all have given me a new life Teachers. Parents give birth to a child and teachers give shape to the life of a child. A sincere bow to all my teachers and to my parents!! Till the year 2004 this kid was just aware of only one mouse which used to ruin the kitchen stuff, after entering into Birla School I found a new type of mouse in the computer lab. For the first time in my life I was introduced to the concept of technology by Birla School. Love between the kids and teachers will never ever end. Education in Birla School was a turning point of my life. Very few students get a chance to serve back to their school and teachers. Yes and I am one of the luckiest person who has got this opportunity to serve back to my own school and teachers. I have come here with some mottos, with some specific aims back to my own school. “I don’t want to grow in front of the world but I want to grow in front of my teachers.” I don’t want to become big but I want to grow to such a height that people will make me big. Yes I want to lead a successful life once again under the guidance of my teachers.
We wish our teachers HAPPY TEACHERS DAY on September 5. But these three words are not enough to thank all our teachers for their endless efforts they take for their kids. Thank you for bringing me up to such a height in my life, for encouraging me every time, for rectifying all my mistakes and for everything you have given to me in my life. A kid will never understand the efforts which teachers take for enriching them until and unless they work with them. Teachers forget the time when they work for their students. I know you will keep on guiding all continuously, endlessly and effortlessly throughout your lifetime and hope so I will carry out the same under your guidance till my last breath. I have always seen a smile on my parents face when I work with my teachers and that’s one of the reason for what I am here. This is only the first successful achievement of my life. Thank you teachers!!!!
Finally at last I would just thank GOD for lending me such an amazing, wonderful and blessed life and would sincerely pray to him to keep continuing my journey under the guidance of my teachers and parents as long as possible.

Our hearts are made for u all…. Our hearts are made for u……
They will never find never find never find rest. Until they find the rest in you!!!!

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