Let’s raise healthy kids, happy kids

Amarpreet Rawat

In an era of uncertainties and opportunities, challenges and [at times] oddities, let’s raise kids who can face all of these, who can face success and failure, both.

Let’s not raise kids who can celebrate success, but can’t handle failure. Let’s raise kids who take adversities in their stride and strive to turn obstacles into stepping stones. For that, we need to condition them in a manner that we are currently not accepting ourselves.

How do we accept failure as adults?  I am asking you this question as kids look up to us for inspiration. So let us take success and failure in the same stride. Let us be role models and inspire them to accept the adversities of life too. We, as parents, teach our kids to succeed. Let us teach them to fail in a dignified manner and not panic in such times. Let us teach them to handle their emotions constructively.

We need to instill a faith in them that we are there for them –in their successes and definitely in their failures. Only then will we see them achieve success in a manner we have never dreamt of. Only then will they get wings to fly, as they would have an assurance that if they stumble, we are their guardians, we are there to give them a compassionate ear, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry.

So let’s raise healthy kids, happy kids friends.

2 thoughts on “Let’s raise healthy kids, happy kids”

  1. What I meant was that Success does not come without failure and hence we should be taught to view failure positively.

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