Exams have always been a great task in our country,specially Boards.

Julie Ghosh

Exams have always been a great task in our country,specially Boards. I remember mine. Where grandma would pray all day that’s her way of helping. Mom would prepare all that you love to eat just to boost your mood. Even the television serial would be like Buniyad would be comprised for me not to be distracted. Dad would reduce the volume of the telephone ringing and make sure the vehicle is serviced all stationary is in abundance.My siblings were given warnings not to disturb me and even curtail their excitement at times. My teachers were constantly giving last minute guidance at the center. All the students of other classes were asked to pray with special intentions by the principal. Neighbours n relatives show up or call up to convey their wishes. Considering all this the exams are surely eventful actually. So many people involved. All this was not give any importance by me back then but today I recollect it and fell I was loved by all of them and surely they deserved to be made proud of me so I gave my best and stood third in the college. But if I realised all this back then I would definitely come first. Lesson:don’t wait to make them proud just do it to feel empowered by their love.

2 thoughts on “Exams have always been a great task in our country,specially Boards.”

  1. Ya mam You are surely right. Now also when we say boards to some people – nervous, tired, day-night studying,proper diet,not playing, etc.comes to their mind(It came to me also, but to a lesser extent).But according to my experience of boards,”the one who works hard earlier,is relaxed afterwards”. Sharing my experience,If you are prepared enough,the you will feel anxious and excited to write board paper. The important thing which you need to remember (according to me)is that you don’t discuss the paper after the exam hall.because sometimes if you discuss and you get to know that you have done these many mistakes, some get depressed and are not able to prepare for next exam.So All the best because new year has started for students , it’s upon you to first work then relax or first relax then work.I am not saying don’t enjoy your vacations, enjoy but study also regularly.

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